Rechargeable Hearing Aid Clear Sound And Comfortable Fit

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Rechargeable Hearing Aid Clear Sound And Comfortable Fit

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Clear Sound And Comfortable Fit

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Micro Hearing Aid: Miniature and lightweight, the weight of the product is about 3.92g, the size is about 1.42*0.56*0.35 inch, the ear capsule is very small, almost disappearing in the ear, comfortable to wear, can be worn for a long time, and easy to carry. Charging function: the hearing aid can be charged through the USB data cable, and it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. After fully charged, the battery can run continuously for about 48 hours, which is environmentally friendly. Save you the hassle of buying button batteries all the time. Adjustable volume: The volume control is divided into four levels, according to your needs, choose the appropriate volume, select the appropriate mode, and enjoy the wonderful sound. Features: Our hearing aids have full digital sound quality, and it has the function of reducing surrounding noise to help users hear the clearest sound. It has full digital circuit control.

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