Handheld Sprayer Sound Waveleon Electro-eye Protection

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Handheld Sprayer Sound Waveleon Electro-eye Protection

  • العلامة التجارية: Boussac

Handheld Sprayer Sound Waveleon Electro-eye Protection

  • العلامة التجارية: Boussac
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Describe.Handheld sprayer sound waveleon electro-eye protectionFunction:The bright eye is a new instrument that uses high-tech to convert eye nutrient fluid from dropping to atomization.Traditional methods are often inaccurate, and they are insufficient.Through this atomization, the nutrient liquid will be converted to ultrafine particles, the penetration area is larger, more uniform, and better absorption.And it is easy to use, one-click operation is started, and it is a major innovation of eye care.It is helpful to dry your eyes, your eyes is getting angry, and your eyes are helpful.Brand: InitiallyMaterial: food grade silicone plasticSize: 195 * 50 * 55mmBattery capacity: 300mAhWorking voltage: 3.7VRated current: 130mAhEngine noise: 60dbColor: green, pink, blackSuitable for: eye makeupBeauty / contact lens leads to dry eyesLong-term use of electronic productsDrying up late, overtime / long learningPacking package:1 x sprayer1 x nozzle1 x USB data cableNotice:1. The display used is different, the computer is different, the camera is different, there may be angular color problems.2. Handmade measurement, there may be a 0-1 cm error.

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