Taylor Swift Folklore Sweatshirt -496

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Taylor Swift Folklore Sweatshirt -496

Taylor Swift Folklore Sweatshirt -496

السعر: ١٠٩٫٠٠ ر.س.‏
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We have designed a wonderful Taylor Swift embroidered sweatshirt for you. You can gift it to your loved ones or buy it for yourself.The product has the potential to protect you against the cold, with an extremely high quality, woolen interior.It should set the hats with rope. Its embroidery is made of black and red thread.It is suitable for long-term use. There is no deterioration in embroidery and product.SIZE & MATERIALMaterial : %72 Cotton, %28 Polyester and Knitted FabricMust be Washed 30°C (36°F)

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