Advanced Sound Amplification Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aid

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Advanced Sound Amplification Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aid

Advanced Sound Amplification Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aid

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Invisible Hearing Aid: The weight of the product is about 3g, and the size is 8*7*10mm. It is very small and almost disappears in the ear. It is comfortable and easy to wear and can be carried with the sound. Our hearing aids are not only sound amplifiers, but also sound collectors, making sure you never miss a single detail in a conversation or an important event. Suitable for people with mild and moderate ear impairment. Don't let hearing loss hold you back. Our hearing aids are designed to help you live life to the fullest without missing a sound. Makes a great gift for seniors to help them hear clearly and enjoy life more fully. Charging function: don't worry about what if the battery is gone? The hearing aid can be charged through the data cable, the charging box is fully charged in 2-3 hours, and can run continuously for about 25 hours after being fully charged, which is very environmentally friendly. Sound quality features: Hearing aids have advanced digital chips, no background noise, reduce surrounding noise, enjoy wonderful sound effects, and can achieve low audio distortion and clearer sound.

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