Chewbacca Tote Bag, Star Wars Merch

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Chewbacca Tote Bag, Star Wars Merch

Chewbacca Tote Bag, Star Wars Merch

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Chewbacca Tote Bag, Star Wars MerchIf You are a big fan of Star Wars, this gift is just for you You will love this Chewbacca Tote Bag.We have designed a wonderful new Chewbacca tote bag for you. You can gift it to your loved ones or buy it for yourself.** Each item is made to order, please be patient.Size: 39 x 35 cm.Wash instruction: hand wash onlyShipping ;Your orders are prepared within 5 - 7 days. It reaches all Europe in 1 - 2 days you should receive it.We are thankful that you choose our store.Thank you.

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