Waterproof Art Bag For Palette Paints Brushes Pencils

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Waterproof Art Bag For Palette Paints Brushes Pencils

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Waterproof Art Bag For Palette Paints Brushes Pencils

  • العلامة التجارية: Unbranded
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IDEAL ARTIST PORTFOLIO CASE - 19x14inch(50x37cm), a main compartment with surround zipper is easy to place sketchbook or drawing board. 2 zippered pockets in the front can used to hold paints, sketch pencils or brushesSTAY ORGANIZED WITH A FUNCTIONAL STUDENT PORTFOLIO - With the art work portfolio carrier case you'll never have to worry about transporting or storing your art work again. Our artist portfolio case is made from durable weather-resistant material which means that the rain or mother nature will not stop you Use for university and around campus to easily transport your sketches, sketchbooks, drawings, paintings and artist materialsOPTIONAL HANDBAG OR ART BACKPACK - You can tighten the straps so you can hand carry, or you can carry them on your back so you can go out and sketch, free your hands and do something else. It's slim, can also be put into luggage for easy carryingWATERPROOF MATERIAL - The storage bag is made of oxford and nylon fabric, is waterproof, wear resistant, and the waterproof lining is damp proof and waterproof, waterproof and durable double protectionBROAD USE - You can place 8K drawing board, mesh drawing paper, color box, pencil case, sketch folder, palette and a variety of brushes and so on,suitable for artist, students, beginner or hobbyist, or as a gift for your friends who love sketching or drawing

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