Spray Bottle For Indoor Outdoor Garden

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Spray Bottle For Indoor Outdoor Garden

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Eco Friendly Plastic Material- Made of eco-friendly plastic, the garden spray bottle is non-toxci, odourless and durable. Lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for daily watering.Easy To Use - The watering can features pressure-accelerating rod. press the switch above the handle, water will spray out easily. Lock-on trigger allows continuous spraying. Adjustable spray head for you to control the range of water/mister spray.2L Capacity with Scales- Dia 12cm, height 33cm. Capacity: 2liters. Large Mister Spray Bottle is great for indoor and outdoor watering. With 4 readable scales(0.5L, 1L ,1.5L.2L), better to control the amount of water.Leak-proof & Handle Design- The round thick design of the bottle mouth closely fits the bottle cap, which is better sealed and leak-proof. The ergonomic handle fits your fingers well, and will not be tired when watering the flower

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