Adjustable Rebound Ping Pong Trainer Training Equipment Kit

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Adjustable Rebound Ping Pong Trainer Training Equipment Kit

Adjustable Rebound Ping Pong Trainer Training Equipment Kit

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Easy to Train: 6 table tennis to meet the needs of everyday players. It's lightweight and portable, it helps single-person exercises, it also improves your attention, athleticism and hand and eye coordination. ( We will send all the accessories and you only need 5 minutes to install them like a puzzle. Have fun )Buffer Spring: Features: Stability, Rapid rebound, Convenient training. The shot quickly rebounds, ensuring continuity, training the ability of the child to coordinate with the hand and foot, and helping the adult to reduce stress. ( Don't believe in cheap products, although this trainer is a little bit more expensive than others, the quality will be much better. Works effectively and has a lifetime that is 3 times that of a cheaper.)Size and Package:This table tennis trainer set included 1pcs table tennis trainer base, 1pcs elastic soft shaft, 3 adjustment levers, 2pcs table tennis paddle and 6pcs ping pong balls. Soft shaft size: Children:length: 35.4in/90cm;Adults:43.3in/110cm. Adjustment levers size: length: 2.4/6cm; Base size: length: 5.7/14.5cm; Table tennis paddle size10x5.9in/25.5x15cm(LxM). Ping pong balls size: length: 1.6in/4cm3 Height Adjustment: This is a adjustable elastic rod, 3 height adjustment, each gear can be adjusted by 6cm, and the thread of each gear interface is screwed in and tightened during adjustmentPerfect Gift: A great gift for friends, family and children who like to play table tennis, suitable for many places, such as gardens, parks, etc. No longer subject to site restrictions. The product can not only exercise peoples reaction power and eye-hand coordination, but also be a decompression artifact

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