Cute Banana Soft Indoor Calming Bed

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Cute Banana Soft Indoor Calming Bed

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Bed Size: Please check your pets weight and the bed dimension in our 2nd picture before buying. Size S suggested for pets under 2.5kg. Suitable for kittens, small dogs breed such as pomeranian, tiny teacup poodle, Chihuahua. Size M suggested for pet under 5kg.Premium Material: Made from high-quality plush cloth and natural cotton , this cat bed is skin-friendly, soft, fluffy, and delicate. It wont cause any skin irritation, safe and comfortable for your pet to snuggle up, sleep and play.Adorable Banana Shape: Tempting banana shape pet bed looks like a real big banana, very stylish and cute. This eye-catching cat nest provides a secure environment, let the pet stretch lazily, to have a good rest. Its your babys great bed as well as a nice room decor.Removable & washable: There are 3 zippers in the banana bed (one on the mat and 2 on both inner sides), Cottons are loosely filled WITHOUT liner. You can take out the cotton inside and clean the cover cloth, or wash it without taking cottons out. Hand wash or machine wash.Comfortable &WarmThis lovely pet bed Create a feeling of safety and a deep sleeping spot for your pet's snuggling and nesting. Warm enough for your lovely pets in the cold weather, give your small dog and cat maximum comfort.

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