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A special limited edition of the Citizen Asia Limited Promaster NY008 series. Since Citizen developed the first Japanese water-resistant mechanical watch, the Parawater in 1959, the brand has continuously reached and breached new heights in dive records, The legendary NY004 was launched by Citizen in 1993 and since then, has become such a favored and fond dive watch in collectors' collection of watches after garnering many accolades in professional fields. Bound to be an extremely desired catch, the new NY008, like its predecessor, is emblazoned with a Promaster logo to attest to the engineering quality of the watch. The case is 42mm diameter and has a left-handed screw-down crown. The watch comes with robust and durable mineral glass crystal that can withstand 200 meters of water pressure. There is a total of seven different models for this Citizen Asia Limited edition range. All the models come with a laser etched case-back featuring the Puffer fish. Five of them will be available throughout Asia and are produced at 1000 pieces each. This particular model, NY0082-17X is an exclusive model only available in Malaysia and Singapore with serial number up to 500. This model is adorned with a striking rose gold IP case which is paired with a unique combination of brown dial and green bezel. DIMENSIONS 42 mm (diameter) CASE MATERIAL Stainless Steel WRISTBAND MATERIAL Polyurethane  MOVEMENT Citizen Calibre 8203 automatic with day/date and 40 hours power reserve WATER RESISTANCE 200 m INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY 3 years international warranty.
  • هوية Fruugo: 51511517-103681423
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