GoPole Evo - Floating Extension Pole for GoPro cameras

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GoPole Evo - Floating Extension Pole for GoPro cameras

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Get closer to the action This GoPole Evo is a transparent, floating extension pole which helps you film angles, shoot better and steadier footage and get even closer to the action. It will extend from 17 inches to 24 inches and it's transparency makes POV shots easier to shoot and less distracting. In addition, you can flip the camera around the swivel head for POV filming. The removable remote clip allows you to attach your Wi-Fi remote to control your camera from your fingertips. Also, a threaded insert on the base of the handle is included which allows attachment to standard camera tripods and other equipment. A wriststrap is included which is a must have for all film makers as it is easy to control and has a lightweight feel. Compatible with all GoPro cameras. Flip and Shoot If you're trying to get yourself in the picture, just flip your GoPro camera on the swivel head to capture POV angles of yourself. The transparent pole makes POV shots easier to shoot. Warranty This product is warranted for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Although this product will work well in all the conditions, it is NOT warranted against breakages caused during crash or fall situations. No such guarantee is given or should be perceived.


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