Hama 62004009 Mini 1/4 Working height=14 - 21 cm Silver Ball head

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Hama 62004009 Mini 1/4 Working height=14 - 21 cm Silver Ball head

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The Mini tripod with ball Head is a smaller, handy tripod for fixing devices like Photo cameras, camcorders, microphones or mini speakers.Shoot pictures via automatic release, record video sequences with the camcorder or record voice via a desktop microphone: You can well fix your terminal on this flexible mini-tripod with screwdriver. You are therefore free to do other things. The portable tripod with an adjustable height of up to 21 cm, a 1 / 4 thread and a weight of only 127g is always a transport-friendly and reliable partner for journeys and provides an ideal stand for video cameras, LCD displays and table microphones. Whether on a flat surface on uneven ground or on a slope: the silver, metal stand can be adjusted to any place due to its adjustable legs and can be screwed on the device to work safely, which can be brought over the ball head in every conceivable position. Plastic Caps offer the necessary support and prevent slipping of the tripod. The portable mini-tripod with ball head has room for creativity of any kind and is a practical tool for great recording


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