Digital Display 1.2l Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner

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Digital Display 1.2l Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner

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Application:1.Eyewear, watches, jewelry, razors, pacifiers, braces, small metal jewelry2.Glasses shops, jewelry shops, Watch shops, nail shops, dental clinics, repair centerFeature:1.ABS housing, environmental protection material, prevent aging2.High-precision coupling, easy to use, waterproof stronger3.Touch screen, a good operating experience4.Stainless steel inner tank, 304 stainless steel, corrosion5.Three-body separation, to meet the different requirements6.Double shock, double power, the free switch7.Contact contactors, safety waterproof, leakproofParameter:1.Input voltage: 110V ~ 240V2.Capacity: 1.2L3.Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz4.Rated power: 75W5.Ultrasonic power: 70W (Strong) / 35W (weak)6.No-load power: 1.5W7.Dimensions: 228 * 218 * 157mm8.Within the tank size: 168 * 126 * 64mmPackage included:1x Set of 1.2L Ultrasonic CleanerBrand new Stainless Steel Digital Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with durable stainless steel tank, large digital timer and temperature display for precise wash time and temperature control.Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to agitate the water cleaning solution. The bubbles induced by this agitation gradually and gently remove dirt that is stuck to the surface of the item you are cleaning and removes dirt from places not easily accessed. Contaminants are released into the water leaving your items cleaner than you could normally achieve with conventional cleaning.Works with just plain water or you can add a mild detergent for very dirty items.Used professionally by the following:Automotivemedical labselectroplatingtattoo studiosjewellerswatchmakerselectronicsHair SalonsEasy to use & ideal for household cleaning:Airbrush partsJewellery (Not suitable for soft gems emeralds & pearls)Watch partsDental & MedicalSmall metal partsCutleryOrnamentsTools, swiss army knives, pliers, wrenches etc Specification: Tank capacity 30L (with drainage)Tank size(mm) 500x300x200Unit size(mm) 585*327*335Box packing(mm) 635*405*390Ultrasonic power 600WHeating power 500WTimer 1~30min adjustableHeater normal ~80C adjustableFrequency 40,000HzN.W./ G.W. 15kg / 16kg
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