Cullmann MAGNESIT COPTER Table easel Working height=10 cm Black Ball head

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Cullmann MAGNESIT COPTER Table easel Working height=10 cm Black Ball head

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The MAGNESIT COPTER unites the worlds of photography and videography. As such, the MAGNESIT COPTER is a member of the new generation of video-capable DSLR cameras. When fully folded, the robust multipurpose tripod as well as video hand support.With an overall length of only 16 cm and a weight of only 180 grams, the aluminum stand up little space and is therefore the ideal travel tripod for photo and videographers. In combination with completely made of aluminum crafted ball head - the ball head can be purchased separately (Article No.: 956186), meets all the requirements for the MAGNESIT COPTER is a stable table stand.The modern design and high quality processing of the MAGNESIT COPTER with flat semi-circular tripod legs gave in association helicopter rotor blades the stand the name. Stability, low weight and high quality processing are the essential features that speak for the entire MAGNESIT line and in the development of the multi-stand MAGNESIT COPTER in the first place.This text is machine translated.


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