Cullmann Primax 380 Tripod 1/4 Working height=62 - 159 cm Black incl. bag

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Cullmann Primax 380 Tripod 1/4 Working height=62 - 159 cm Black incl. bag

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The new PRIMAX tripod series, briefly press the 3-series, consists of a total of three different three-leg stands with crank column including 3-way head with the proven CULLMANN camera quick coupling system including a robust tripod bag. All PRIMAX models impress through a high quality, sophisticated detail solutions - like for example the robust center brace, practice-oriented operation and a fair price-performance ratio in this stand class. Tripod legs and middle column are made of anodised aluminum profile manufactured and for protection against cold, or damage to, is the highest leg segment with a robust foam padding. The robust and that allows clamping center brace guarantee together with the 360 degrees moving rubber feet a stable and safe conditions. For a comfortable working ensure the precise adjustment of the middle column with crank engine as well as the practical quick release clips for the setting of the individual tripod legs.The PRIMAX 380 is nevertheless for fascinating photo recordings and on the basis of the crank column is also ideally suited for excellent video recordings, whether with CSC or DSLR cameras or camcorders. The new primax 3 series integrated CULLMANN camera quick connection system is now compatible with the tried and tested SK-System from CULLMANN. As the PRIMAX tripod series used to present themselves and the new primax model in the stand-alone design, with practice-oriented operation together with a robust tripod bag.The compact 3-way head with integrated camera quick coupling and separate 3-way clamp is ideal for the modern CSC camera systems as well as for medium-sized DSLR cameras and camcorders. A secure grip is guaranteed by the robust camera plate with non-slip cork support and standardised 1/4 camera connection screw.The PRIMAX 380 depends especially on the ambitious amateur, a reliable stand is expected. With a pull-out height of 159 cm and a capacity of 3.5 kg the ideal stand for fascinating stand.This text is machine translated.


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