Forceps Spencer Wells Straight Superior Theatre

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Forceps Spencer Wells Straight Superior Theatre

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FORCEPS SPENCER WELLS STRAIGHT SUPERIOR THEATRE The Spencer Wells Straight Artery Forceps is a strong, effective tool for clamping arteries to stop blood flow, as well as for holding arteries out of the way during surgical procedures. Forceps can be used as a hemostat, locking in place to control blood loss or close vessel prior to ligation. When used with smaller vessels, the Spencer Wells Straight Artery Forceps can clamp and, in some cases, permanently seal the vessel. Medical grade surgical stainless steel ensures this product is durable and reliable, providing surgeons with maximum control and reduced fatigue during long or sensitive operations. Locking handles allow forceps to lock in multiple positions for a custom grip. Jaws feature fine serrations, and ring handles are appropriate for either left- or right-handed operation. SPECIFICATIONS AVAILABLE LENGTH: 18CM, 16CM, 13CM PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Forceps Spencer Wells Straight Superior Theatre
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