001 To 100 Cattle Number Ear Tags 5x4Cm Blue

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001 To 100 Cattle Number Ear Tags 5x4Cm Blue

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001 TO 100 CATTLE NUMBER EAR TAGS 5X4CM BLUE Our Numbered Cattle Ear Tags are perfect for signing small or larger size livestock, cattle and animals, such as pigs, sheeps, goats, cows, rabbits, dogs and more. Easily and conveniently identify individual livestock in an instance using a numbered system. Also can be applied in breeding populations for epidemic prevention and control, meat quarantine, and all information needed for management of livestock. SPECIFICATIONS: Numbered tags from 001-100 with pins Made of Thermoplastic polyurethanes Long durability with copper nails Rectangular shape Usually used to tag sheep or cattle of similar size Colour: Blue Weight: 2 grams Dimensions: 5cm length x 4cm width Pin Button: 20mm Pin Part Length x 28mm Diameter PACKAGE CONTENTS 100 x Cattle Ear Tags Blue 100 x Pins
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