2 Pair Zipper Compression Socks For Women Men Open Toe Compression Socks Easy On

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2 Pair Zipper Compression Socks For Women Men Open Toe Compression Socks Easy On

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80% Nylon, 20% SpandexKEEP HEALTHY: 15-20 mmHg zipper compression socks give the support for the legs, enhance blood circulation effectively, and reduce swelling without any tight feeling. Good compression for pregnancy, varicose veins to keep your leg healthy. Keep good compression when doing works, relieve muscle fatigue, and soreness after long time exercise.ZIPPER & OPEN-TOE DESIGN: Open-toe zipper compression socks will be perfect fitting on your leg and feet, have more flexibility and adjustable space and it is easy to put on and put off. Without any scratch and irritation during using these socks. You will don't have any uncomfortable feelings even put on a long time.BREATHABLE & SUITABLE COMPRESSION: Use nylon and spandex material, make the compression socks have better elasticity & durable, keep comfort, and breathable at the same time. Moisture-wicking properties rapidly and quick-drying keep your legs comfortable and dry all day.MORE SIZE CHOICE & WASH WAYS: Open-toe knee-high compression socks for men and women, Suitable for all occasionsYou can choose our compression socks based on the size of your ankle and calf circumference. Our open toe compression socks suit for machine wash with cold water, and air drying to keep them last longer.HIGH-YIELD INVESTMENTBuying 2 pairs of socks with a limited price will bring you unlimited health benefits. Suitable for people with varicose veins, long time working, nurse, running, cycling, office workers, airplane travelers, athletes, fitness workouts.
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