5 Pairs Of Ladies Winter Socks, Warm Knitted Socks, Retro Warm Socks

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5 Pairs Of Ladies Winter Socks, Warm Knitted Socks, Retro Warm Socks

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Materials and advantages: Our women's winter warm socks are made of wool, polyester, rabbit hair and spandex. Women's wool socks are soft and durable. Keeping your feet warm and healthy in cold weather is very important to your health, which is why we need soft, thick warm socks. Size: These thick knit socks have elasticity and are perfect for your feet. So everyone can enjoy the warmth. Application: Mixing bright prints makes this pair of socks sexy and interesting. This is a great gift for winter. Various colors can easily match your daily collocation. You can wear them in the office, school, hiking, outdoor, Socks for sports, family, work, Christmas spring, autumn, winter or any cold weather area. Excellent gift selection: These bright and colorful womens socks use primary colors and other bright colors. The designs you will find here are vintage socks, gift socks, colorful pattern socks, winter or spring socks, gifts for Crazy Socks Festival, socks in various colors.
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