EBC TT - Carbon Brake Pads (FA416TT)

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EBC TT - Carbon Brake Pads (FA416TT)

  • العلامة التجارية: EBC
السعر: ر.س.‏ ٩٩٫٠٠
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EBC TT-Series pads have a carbon graphite formula. The main advantage of this compound is the lack of heat generated or conduction under braking. This means it keeps both the brake rotor and caliper cool, allowing better braking performance for longer. The TT-Series works best in fast and dry riding conditions. Also very usable for standard sport ATV usage. TUV tested and KBA approved for street use on enduro bikes. The TT series or X pads do not last as long as a sintered pad but are a strong favourite amongst Enduro riders due to their low heat transfer.
  • هوية Fruugo: 54257445-110022050
  • EAN: 5050953005589
  • شبكة البيع الافتراضية لبائعي التجزئة: GB295754256

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