Glass Ceramic Plate Scraper With 20pcs Extra Metal Blades And 10pcs Plastic

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Glass Ceramic Plate Scraper With 20pcs Extra Metal Blades And 10pcs Plastic

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The scraper tool package includes: 2 PCS Razor Blade Scraper Tool includes long scraper and double edge scraper removal tool. 10 PCS plastic razor blades and 20 additional PCS stainless steel spare blades. Sharp scraper blades with safety cap: 2 in 1 design razor scraping tool, plastic and metal scraper blade in one tool. After upgrading, the scraper tool top caps are tightened than before. After using it, please attach the blade cover to the scraper. Not easy to slip. Ergonomic handle and durable design: Long scraper suit for narrow work areas to work on hard to reach places. The sturdy non-slip rubber grip provides the most comfortable cushioned grip. Save time and effort in the work, improve your efficiency. Replacement razor scraper blades: The black rotating screw allows easy blade change. Double-edged blades for economical and durable use. The scraping tool comes with replacement blades (20 PCS metal blades and 10 plastic blades) can work on hard or soft surface to avoid scratching, meet your various needs. Multifunction and widely used: You can use a razor blade removal tool for glass, vinyl, decals, glue, cooktop adhesives, tiles and paper cutters. See more details .

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